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Company Profile

Company Profile

Luoyang Tongbao Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, is located in Luoyang Henan, which was the historical and cultural city of thirteen ancient capital. The predecessor of Tongbao Company was the joint ventures established by Chinalco Luoyang Copper Co., Ltd., who was the large enterprise state-owned and Paul Wurth Metallurgical Technology Co., Ltd. in Luxemburg, who is one of leading company in the full rang of technology. The shares of Luoyang Tongbao owned by the stated-owned previously have been acquired by Beijing TaifuBoxin Investment Co., Ltd. in 2017, then Tongbao Company has been reborn. New Company inherits and carries forward the advanced production and management concept of state-owned enterprises and foreign industry champion and supply the advanced copper products andservices continuously. 
The company mainly research and develop copper products made of high purity oxygen-free copper rolled plates, such as copper cooling stave in blast furnace and tuyere of Iron estuary, Blast-furnace Slag Tuyere Medium and Small Sleeve, copper water-jacket series assembled on non-ferrous smelting furnace, other copper cooling componets used in metal smelting equipmnet, and forged copper Crucible, precision copper componets. 
Tongbao Company continues to innovate new products to apply to other industries. Tongbao Company has been awarded for a number of patents for cooling equipment suitable in the blast furnace equipment, non-ferrous metal smelting furnace.Since 2003, The products made by Tongbao Company have been used for more than 150 users in a dozen of countries. Tongbao Company can manufacture variety of copper cooling water jacket, which are used in coppers smelting, nickel smelting, gold smelting, titanium smelting, lead smelting, zinc smelting and other industries widely, applicable to all kinds melting furnace, such as Isa Furnace, flash furnace, top blowing furnace, bottom blowing furnace, vacuum furnace, Ausmelt furnace, electric furnace and etc.