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2017 the first half of the tungsten industry economic situation

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2017 the first half of the tungsten industry economic situation

2017/09/04 11:39
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The first half of the tungsten industry economic situation: steady growth of product output, export recovery growth, prices stabilized rebound, production and business situation improved. Tungsten ind

The first half of the tungsten industry economic situation: steady growth of product output, export recovery growth, prices stabilized rebound, production and business situation improved. Tungsten industry statistics tungsten ore production increased by 7 93% (2016 year on year fell 14.68% year on year), the same period low base, the price rise in production has led to the growth of production. Smelting processing products generally increased production, 54 cemented carbide production 14,300 tons, an increase of 26.62%. Exports tungsten goods folded metal volume of 14742 tons, an increase of 46.29%, a 10-year high. Tungsten concentrate average price of 7.75 million yuan / ton, up 14.39% year on year. Statistics, corporate profits, profits and profits and profits increased by 18.65%, 116.90% and 336.84%.