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Powder Metallurgy Drives Shangli New Economy

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Powder Metallurgy Drives Shangli New Economy

2017/08/31 18:44
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Summer, sunny like fire In Jiangxi Province Shangli County advanced equipment manufacturing (powder metallurgy) industrial park Tianqi auto parts production workshop, the same is a hot scene: a new ca
Summer, sunny like fire In Jiangxi Province Shangli County advanced equipment manufacturing (powder metallurgy) industrial park Tianqi auto parts production workshop, the same is a hot scene: a new car gear, imported from the 450-ton Swiss powder molding machine spit out. Pick up the product force a break, flew into a few pieces. Is it producing a substandard product?
Do not make a fuss, this is just the powder after forming the rough blank. These gears also need to be sintered, cooled and other processes in order to become qualified products. At that time, you are taking a hammer hit also broken broken. Side of the Xugong said with a smile. Tianqi Auto Parts mainly rely on the advanced manufacturing process of powder metallurgy to prepare automobile engine precision parts, product supply hippocampus, Honda, JAC and other well-known automobile manufacturers. A gear, sprocket powder metallurgy parts production line, has installed two 450 tons, 500 tons of powder metallurgy press machine, is expected to reach 5 million annual output. The second phase will be the new horse two rotor (shell) powder metallurgy parts production line, soft magnetic materials spool powder metallurgy parts production line.
In recent years, Shangli County adhere to perseverance to promote the powder metallurgy industry has become the development of new kinetic energy, new pillars. On the one hand, with the Central South University signed a powder metallurgy industry science and technology park (Central South University Science Park) agreement, in Shangli County advanced equipment manufacturing (powder metallurgy) industrial base set up Huang Boyun academician workstation, vigorously promote the production and research cooperation, technology and industry Powerful combination. On the other hand, relying on the powder metallurgy industry base approved the national Torch Program characteristics of industrial base, the provincial industrial park favorable opportunity to actively docking the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Chang-Zhu-Tan, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and other key areas, closely industrial development trend Take the initiative to go out investment, promote industrial agglomeration, promote the development of the industry.
We have the country's first powder metallurgy industry characteristics base, has introduced powder metallurgy project 13, the first half to achieve the main business income of 3.12 billion yuan. According to Shang Li County Party Secretary Xiao Nina introduced recently on the county will be held in Shanghai and other places powder metallurgy industry special investment promotion, boost the powder metallurgy industry cluster.